Who Wants to Smell Like a Dead Dinosaur? Apparently, Lots of People

Not everyone wants to reek of pop stars and roses. Peculiar fragrances with notes such as gasoline and fossilized amber, and names like ‘Ink’ are trending. Here, 8 to try.

“YOU SMELL interesting,” is the best compliment you can give Katya Roelse. “I don’t think perfume is just about smelling good, it’s about being provocative and starting a conversation,” said the 47-year-old professor in Newark, Del. Some of her favorite fragrances include whiffs of brown tape like Comme des Garçons’s eponymous eau and potato like DSH Perfume’s Starry Nightshade.

See more: https://www.wsj.com/articles/so-you-want-to-smell-like-a-skunk-why-offbeat-perfume-is-trending-11675486803

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