Q: Are Toskovat’ perfumes animal-products free?

A: Unless specifically marked otherwise, all perfumes are free from animal-derived materials, that often involve animal cruelty.
Ingredients such as beeswax and others that do not involve animal cruelty may be used in the future, but will be clearly stated.

Q: Do your perfumes contain phthalates?

A: No, none of our perfumes contains any phthalates.

Q: Do Toskovat’ test their perfumes on animals?

A: No, we are completely against that practice. We carefully select the materials that have already been regarded as safe and compliant to use in our extraits.

Q: Why are some Toskovat’ perfumes more expensive than others?

A: The cost of the materials in the more expensive extraits is higher. For example, our perfumes that include things like natural oud, natural flower absolutes or other rare materials will, without our power, cost more to produce.

Q: What is an extrait de memoire?

A: Extrait de memoire is the term we coined for our creations, as they are first and foremost to be used as a portal to memory, and second as perfume. The concentration of oils in our extraits is at least 20% in all perfumes.
The medium we recommend is to enjoy the perfume together with our visuals and sounds in order to capture a specific facet of the human experience, and then continue to wear by itself whenever that facet or mood is to be desired.

Q: Why do Toskovat’ perfumes sometimes change color, or have solid sediments?

A: Because of the nature of the product, containing a high amount of oils, many of which are natural in a much higher quantity than industry standard. Our products are carefully and diligently filled and filtered, though change in color and solidification can be naturally occurring over time.
This does not affect the smell or quality of the product, as long as the date of expiry after being opened is to be respected.

Q: What company owns Toskovat’?

A: Toskovat’ is the dream of one man, and after a long time and hard work it became reality. It is, and will not, become industrialised or accept compromises upon its vision.

Q: What perfumers work for Toskovat’?

A: Unless clearly stated otherwise, all Toskovat’ formulas, creations and iconography are made by one man. I go by Toskovat’. My name is not a secret, nor should it be the focus. Toskovat’ is not about the creator, but about what everybody finds common in his memories.

Q: What is your policy in refunds & returns?

A: Currently we do not accept refunds/returns. Toskovat’ personally inspects, filters, packages and disinfect any bottle that leaves our store, hoping it will reach clients safely.
Kindly take note that once your parcel is handed over to the shipping provider, Toskovat’ cannot be held accountable for any potential loss and/or damage or for any complementary custom fees, takes and/or delays that might occur.

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