I am here to help bring fragrant life to your thoughts. To your emotions, to your deep-dwelling memories.
With the same care and patience I searched to manifest my own, I will with yours.

Here is the chance for a custom-made experience where we will meet, talk, discover & create the most special perfume you will ever own.
With ingredients chosen by you from our 300+ materials organ, or even specially requested tinctures, CO2 extracts, exotic flower oils or precious woods.

We will start with a consultation, you will help me understand your desire, and through a tailored process we will make a 1-of-1 creation.
You will also receive the chance to express your visual memory-image with the help of our in house artist, who just like with the small B&W images inside every Toskovat’ box will now create full wall-size art to accompany your extrait.

We can build your fragrance as a single perfume bottle, several bottles so you can gift your extrait de mémoire to your close ones, or even a recurring inventory where we will have bottles in our vault for whenever you request them.
We promise to cater to your needs and deliver on time if you have a special event coming that you want to stamp into memory accompanied by your unique fragrance.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly at admin@toskovat.com

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